What Does A Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Defense lawyers are legal professionals that help anyone who has been accused of a crime regardless of their guilt or innocence. If a person can not afford to hire their own lawyer, the state has to supply a public defense attorney for the individual.

If you are innocent, the best Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers can help you to put together a convincing defense against the charges against you to ensure both the judge and jury find you not guilty. Lawyers can suggest evidence that you might not have even thought about that could help to support your case. In addition, they can help to organize witness statements and the cross-examination of the prosecutor’s witnesses. It is rarely a good idea to represent yourself in court because the stress of the whole process can cause you to make a foolish statement and forget to submit the best evidence to support your case.

If you are guilty, a good Jacksonville criminal defense attorney might be able to help you negotiate fewer charges with the prosecutor. This is done in the form on a plea bargain, where you agree to plead guilty in exchange for having some of the charges against you dropped. This can often result in you having to spend less time in jail or having the option of early parole. You really need to discuss what the best approach to the situation would be with the attorney as the best course of action will depend on the nature of your crime and the surrounding situations. If you have committed a serious crime and live a state that has the death penalty, the stakes are even higher.

Keep in mind that criminal defense lawyers are also able to help people avoid legal fines as well as prison sentences. Many people who have been charged with DUIs or speeding can avoid fines if they hire the right legal representatives.

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