The Top Signs Of An Ineffective Edmonton Real Estate Agent

When buying or selling a home, there is a single decision that must be made that will influence the complete procedure of sale or purchase: the choice of the real estate agent. While it is possible to sell or buy a property via a private sales website, the real estate agent is the more convenient option as realtors tend to have more experience in the field. Of course, this is only if you are working with a trained, experienced professional. Unfortunately, there are those bad apples in the cart and identifying them does require an awareness of the different characteristics. This article will provide information on the top signs of an ineffective Edmonton real estate agent.

1. A Lack Of Communication

It must be remembered that real estate agents typically work long hours with multiple clients; however, this does not mean they should be uncommunicative. While a person should provide a realtor with some leeway knowing they may not always be available for in-person discussions, a professional agent must be contactable via telephone or email at all times. It is fair to expect regular updates from the agent regarding the progress of your sale as they should keep you informed irrespective of whether or not there is news to report.

2. Not Listening To Personal Needs

The ideal Edmonton real estate agent will spend a large portion of their time listening to your requirements and taking notes of your needs during each meeting; however, this is not always the situation. It can be seen that the ineffective agent will appear to listen to one’s situation but does not absorb any information whatsoever. It is vital for information to be shared, particularly during the initial consultation, as this is the core of the sale or purchase and no procedure can be successful without these details.

3. A Lack Of Professionalism

The effective real estate agent will, obviously, perform with a degree of professionalism. This is the least one should expect from any agent at any practice. Of course, no agent is perfect, and once-off incidences including a missed appoint or late showing could be allowed; however, unprofessional attire or inappropriate behavior should never be permitted.

4. Signs Of Aggression

While some real estate agents may urge you to take their advice, it is important you do not feel pushed to make a decision. Professional agents will share their opinions on a matter and provide some advice based on their experience; however if the agent shows a degree of aggression regarding this he/she should be considered ineffective.